The Amicorp Community Centre

ACC’s missionis to create opportunities for young people primarily in northern/ eastern Bali

The Amicorp Community Centre (“ACC”) will begin construction in 2016 in the village of Les, Buleleng Regency in North Bali.

ACC will essentially be a non-profit center, delivering high quality vocational and life skills training for young people from low and no income families.

We want to create a scalable, sustainable and replicable model of the center.

It will prepare young people (aged 15 – 24) from low or no income families in the vicinity to capitalize on employment from the influx of hotels expected to be established in the area once the new airport is opened in 2018, a toll road has been built connecting the north and south of the island, and an intra-island railway is in place.

Employment in the much sought after cruise industry is also anticipated - cruise ship employers provide relatively high income to Southeast Asians.